Aimovig Review – FINALLY Real Migraine Relief

Aimovig Migraine Relief

Migraines make you wish you were dead. Thanks to Aimovig, I’ve put that cemetery plot order on hold.


If you’re one of the 38 million people in the U.S. that suffer from migraines, you know that it’s probably easier to find Al Capone’s vault than it is to find migraine relief remedies that actually work.

Geraldo Al Capone's Vault
There's nothing here. No gold. No guns. And certainly no migraine relief.

A sudden onset of a migraine can truly ruin your entire day. For people like me who get the aura before a migraine attack, the blurred vision and zig-zaggy lines can feel like a bad acid trip during a Pink Floyd concert. Bottom line, migraines suck.

migraine aura looks like a bad acid trip
Migraine aura - not really what you want to see in the middle of an important work meeting.

Over The Counter Remedies Just Don’t Cut It

I’ve tried just about all of the obvious migraine relief remedies. Aleve. Advil. Excedrin Migraine. While they eventually do mitigate some of the pain, it can take hours for them to take effect. Meanwhile, I’m flailing around in bed wondering if it’s possible to survive without a head attached to the rest of your body.

I had given up all hope when by stroke of luck at my last physical I saw an advertisement in my doctor’s waiting room for Aimovig which promised REAL migraine relief. So after the awkwardness of bending over to receive my prostate exam I asked my doctor about it.

talk to your doctor about migraine relief with Aimovig
Oh this is going to hurt. But at least not as bad as your migraines.

Aimovig To The Rescue!

Aimovig dosing comes in two options – 70 mg/mL and 140 mg/mL. Because I’m a big guy, my doctor prescribed me the 140 mg/mL dose. Aimovig is a once-a-month self injection and according to their website, has shown to cut the number of migraines days by 50% or more. The injection process is quick, simple and feels like a slight pin prick.

I generally get between 6-8 migraines a month, so even cutting that down to 3 or 4 would be awesome. I wasn’t expecting miracles, just some long sought after migraine relief so my co-workers didn’t have to roll their eyes again when I called out sick.

Now I don’t know if it was divine intervention or I just got lucky, but in the 6 months I’ve been taking Aimovig, I’ve had probably 3 migraines TOTAL! In fact, 3 of those 6 months have been TOTALLY MIGRAINE FREE! I couldn’t believe it. Migraines make you wish you were dead. Thanks to Aimovig, I’ve put that cemetery plot order on hold.

Dealing With Insurance Can Be a Bitch. DON’T GIVE UP!

don't let insurance stand in your way of getting migraine relief with Aimovig
Don't let this stop you from getting the migraine relief you DESERVE!

Aimovig is fairly new on the market, and as such, many health insurance companies are all too happy to reject your claim and take delight in watching your dreams of migraine relief turn into nightmares. My insurance company told me that I had to try other remedies first like anti-depressants and other unworthy treatments. As such, I just happen to also take Lexapro and had been getting chiropractic care to deal with my migraines, so after a little back and forth between my doctor and my insurance company, they finally relented and covered my Aimovig.

But even before that I was able to get my monthly dose FOR FREE by getting the Aimovig Access Card which can allow you to get up to 12 months of Aimovig for as little as $5 or less.

Bottom line – Aimovig works! Migraines no longer kick my ass the way they used to and I can spend more time focussing on all the other problems in my life!


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