About PickyDaddy

Hi, I’m Rob aka PickyDaddy. You may remember me from my lucrative standup career in the early 2010’s:

What, you’ve never seen me before? Must be some nice rock you’ve been living under! Just kidding! (Maybe)

Well, the truth is performing standup in local bars and small comedy clubs while trying to also hold down a full time job AND making sure my kids grew up knowing my name was not “YOUR A$$HOLE FATHER” was a LOT to manage. Sure the 7 people that laughed at my jokes was a huge adrenaline rush, but you know, priorities!

My two passions are comedy and technology and I needed to find a way to make both work while also not forcing my family into the witness protection program.

And so after a several year hiatus from the stage, and a late night binging on 6 month old Halloween candy, PickyDaddy was born – a product review YouTube channel that would be like no other!

Combining comedy with honest product reviews was the answer to all my problems – well at least 47 of them.

When I started PickyDaddy I had no idea how successful it would be. I mean, there are like a zillion product review channels out there. But my very first video reviewing the NordicTrack Studio Cycle S22i bike was an instant success, with over 46,000 views to date. And I had no idea what I was even doing in that video. I didn’t write a script. I said “ummm” a lot and my video editing was pretty much kindergarten quality.

But seeing the success of that video, I worked on improving my delivery and editing to create a more polished experience – all while staying true to my desire to make people laugh. I mean, especially in 2020, laughter is super important.

Unless otherwise stated in the videos, the products I review are all purchased by me and I have not been compensated in any way. These are products that I’ve found interesting or had a real need for that I truly stand by.

That said, if you have a product you’d like me to review, feel free to fill out the request form.

For all other questions, please email us at contact@pickydaddy.com.